Improve Staff Productivity and Skills with Training from REAL/Easy

REAL/Easy has many years of training experience to help you. In 1985 REAL/Easy authored the software for the successful NAR-CRB Management Simulation Classes. The value of education and training was demonstrated as brokers gave positive feedback after returning home to implement new programs and expansion plans. So now, to help you and your staff learn and gain value with our Management Software we offer training using whatever methods work best for you.

Three Training Methods to Help Everyone in Your Company

First, we employ a hands-on approach. We log in remotely to your system and walk you through the system in real-time connecting to your computer over Internet. We offer this to anyone in your company, from top headquarters management to branch staff employees. Call the helpline at any time, 800-REALEASy ( 800-732-5327 ) to connect.
Second, we have beginner training guides in PDF file format. Our "Tour guide" presents you with an overview while our "Basic Training guide" gives you more details about how to enter and track sales. Your staff can download the guides and walk through them at their convenience or call our helpline and we will login real time to step through the guides with you.  
Third, we offer training through our reference guides covering major parts of the system. The guides teach the types of standard and analytical reports, the advanced specialty modules,  and the updates that have been made to the system. Should you need help on a specific aspect or process, reach us through our customer support hotline.

Remember, with your service subscription you can call for help and training as often as you wish and you have access to all training materials listed below and on the next pages to view or download to your own PC.

What Training Guides are Available?

Beginner Tours: For users / managers who want to obtain an overview of what the system can do, request one of these

Basic Training for Resource and Sales Entry: For admin staff who will be entering data and processing business use:

  • BOS Basic Training Course. In this guide, terms are defined and actual transactions are entered and reported.  View Basic Course

Reports: For staff, owners, and managers who wish to learn about the various reports and analysis that are available refer to these two guides. Both include how-to-run instructions and report samples:

Definitions, Illustrations, Examples Increase Knowledge/Value

The goal of all guides is to:

  • Provide easy step by step instructions to minimize learning and implementation time.
  • Provide examples with illustrations to help staff quickly utilize new features.
  • Provide use of a learning company so users can “test” new procedures before going “live”.
  • Provide definitions of terms used in REAL/ Easy to help staff understand setups and examples.

Training Guides are Available in PDF or Printed formats.

To implement time saving add-on modules and advanced features, REAL/Easy has published:

  • Use "View" links above to download, view, and save a copy.
  • Use "View" links above to print the guide.
  • Call the REAL/Easy Helpline to order printed copies to be shipped to your office.
  • Follow a guide with real-time assistance with a REAL/Easy Helpline person.


Contact us today for broker management software training.