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Idea: Run BOS with Tablet/Touchscreen

Idea: Email Sales Summary Analysis to Agents and Teams
Idea: Export Buyer Information for Followup Services
Idea: Pull Transactions from Trans Coord System to REAL/Easy
Idea: Add YTD Stats Display within Commission Entry
Idea: Itemize Agent A/R Deductions On Checks
Idea: Add Report and Export for Sales Survey Contact Companies
Idea: Operate BOS from Cloud Service
Idea: Associate and Store Documents with Listings and Sales
Idea: Schedule and Manage Tasks for Agents, Listings, Transactions
Idea: Add Stats to Agent Check Stubs including Move up Amounts
Idea: Add View-Only controls for affiliated Title and Mortgage Users
Idea: Expand Agent record  Custom Fields to aid HR department
Idea: Track and Store W9 documents for Agents, Brokers, Vendors